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Akira – Live Action: Cast and Furious?

After the animated big-screen outing during the 1980s, Akira may well be on the fast-track to a live-action version to film later this year…

It seems as if progress is being made in the efforts to bring a live-action Akira to the big -screen with the possibility that it may actually start before the cameras as early as August of this year.  A working script from Steve Kloves has already been accepted by Warner Bros. , Legendary Pictures and director Albert Hughes and Deadline now reports that the script has already  gone out to potential actors as the casting process begins.

Names mentioned  for the key role of Tetsuo include Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-man), james McAvoy (Wanted, X-Men: First Class) and Robert Pattinson (Twilight) with Michael Fassbender, Justin Timberlake and Chris Pine considered for the Kaneda part. The casting rumours have been met by a decidely mixed reaction.

The current plan is to have two Akira films, each covering three volumes of the original classic comic series.