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Mickey Mouse Vs Osama bin Laden?

Mickey's spiritual home, The Walt Disney Company, has applied for trademark rights to the term 'Seal Team 6', the military unit that killed OBL…

We could expect to be terminated with extreme prejudice if we ever called Navy SEALS a Mickey Mouse outfit, but there's an element of literal truth to the term as of this week. It's been revealed by the FishbowlNY and Deadline sites that less than two days after the news networks were awash with the news of Bin Laden's death and the details of the military unit that targetted him, The Walt Disney Company applied for the trademark rights to the 'Seal Team 6' name. The application apparently covers headwear, toys, games, footwear and 'entertainment and education services'

While we fully expect they've merely done this to cover a secret project about a family of  crime-fighting aquatic animals, one could be a tad cynical about the timing or admire their lightning-fast business acumen. Only time will tell.