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Oh, Boyd. Holbrook faces Wolverine AND Predator?

Boyd Holbrook

You may never have seen him coming, but ‘Narcos’ star will have a busy year as he takes on both ‘Wolverine‘ and the ‘Predator‘ (though not, unfortunately, in the same movie…)

A few weeks ago we reported that The Usual Suspects and Sicario star  Benicio del Toro was likely to appear in the reboot of the franchise after he and Fox entered into negotiations. It looks like that won’t be happening now, possibly due to scheduling conflicts that had already been problematic (del Toro has roles within the Star Wars and Marvel universes and the Sicario sequel Soldado on his plate).

But the man that looks to be in the frame for the role is Boyd Holbrook. The actor made his breakthrough in cable drug drama Narcos playing Steve Murphy, the DEA agent who is trying to bring down the notorious kingpin and was recently confirmed for a role in the ‘final’ outing as Wolverine.  Holbrook is to play Donald Pierce in the mutant movie, a character that is cybernetically enhanced man, almost more machine than man, who goes up against the mighty clawed one in the film (currently entitled ‘Logan‘).

Details of the role Holbrook may play in The Predator are less specific, though it would be the key role. That film, likely to hit cinemas in early 2018, will be directed by who may be best known for helming action movies nowadays, but – as an actor – was one of the first to die in the original Predator movie opposite .

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