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SONY plans to expand on Spider-man spin-offs…


Beyond SONY‘s plans for ‘Venom‘, it looks like the studio is making its own plans to increase its slate of the ‘Spiderverse’ Marvel movie characters…

Last week news started breaking that SONY was fast-tracking a Venom film fro 2018 based around the popular Spider-man villain. Though the idea had been mooted for quite a while, it appeared to be a project that had stalled in the wake of Marvel and SONY agreeing to the co-use of Spider-man (which enabled the ‘Friendly Neighbourhood Hero’ to interact with the Avengers.

Now it seems SONY was just getting started as news comes that two other characters featured in the Spider-man comics are also likely to get their own spin-off movie. The Black Cat appeared in the comics as the alter-ego of Felcia Hardy, a thief with the ability to affect luck in her favour. Like her rather obvious DC counterpart, Catwoman, she was something of a conflicted character – one who kept returning to her illegal activities but who was not inherently a bad person. In the original Spider-man continuity she and Peter Parker dated and he even revealed his secret identity to her, but found out she was more attracted to the ‘Spider’ personality than Peter’s. (Rogue One‘s Felicity Jones briefly played the character in Amazing Spider-man 2). The character of Silver Sable is a character who heads up her own team of mercenaries and, like Hardy/Black Cat she often finds herself on the wrong side of the actual law, though her remit was largely to hunt down war criminals through any means necessary.

The film, currently being penned by Thor: Ragnarok writer Chris Yost after a previous draft was written by Westworld‘s Lisa Joy, is not expected to directly crossover with plans for the Spider-man films (‘Homecoming‘ comes out this summer), merely exist in parallel.


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