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Expendables hits HK… and Jet Li

The Expendables sequel may have wrapped most of its action sequences, but January has seen some adidtional footage shot in Hong Kong…

While Sylvester Stallone and the majority of the major players for The Expendables sequel have already finished their on-screen duties, a splinter unit arrived in Hong Kong in early January to shoot additional action material with Jet Li’s character. Early reports suggested Jet’s presence in the movie would be no more than a cameo, but the sceens being shot in Hong Kong suggest that if Li's presence in the movie isn't in the 'quantity' category, it may still be of the quality we expect.

Though the exact nature of the scenes remains under-wraps, it looks like we’ll at least get to see Jet kicking some considerable ass before his character disappears from the film.

The film's main villain is of course none other than Jean-Claude Van Damme, who goes toe to toe with our heroes in the film's finale. With news that we'll also see more Bruce-Wills-Arnold Schwarzenegger-Stallone interaction this time, the sequel is shaping up nicely – even if some of the shoot has been problematic (see previous reports).