Ghost Rider's director gets Twisted

Well, technically it's 50% of Ghost Rider's directorial team as Brian Taylor gets ready to go solo…

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Taylor usually teams up with  Mark Neveldine for directoring duties, as he did for the Crank films and Spirit of Vengeance – out in the UK this week, but he will be the only man at the helm when production of Twisted Metal goes ahead with Sony Pictures. He will write AND direct the film which is an adaptation of the best-selling video game in which a secret undergroundbase becomes the venue for extreme combatants fighting to the death (with the aid of some souped-up vehicles… all under the watchful eye and string-pulling game-play of the villanous Calypso.  Producing duties will be taken by Avi and Adti Arad.

Industry site Deadline reports that there is no rift or problems between Taylor and Neveldine and the duo will also continue to work on projects together in the future. Rumoured projects are a third Crank film and another Ghost Rider, depending on schedules and box-office.