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GI Joe sequel goes AWOL until 2013

A month before it was due to land in cinemas, GI Joe: Retaliation, one of the big summer films, has been pulled until 2013…

THURSDAY UPDATE: Dwayne Johnson has confirmed that the production will now have some re-shoots to accomodate and take full advantage of the change to 3D.

In a move that may not be unprecedented, but has surprised many, the GI Joe sequel starring Bruce Willis, Dwayne Johnson and Channing Tatum  has been pulled from its June 29th 2012 release and will now not hit cinemas until the end of March 2013 – moving it nine months from its previously intended date.  With toys already shipping to stores and publicity starting to get underway, Paramount has made the decision to delay release so that it can retrofit the film into a 3D format.

Though 3D remains a controversial format, it IS a big money-spinner either because it is supposed to entice more people into the cinema experience, but pragmatically because cinemas are also likely to up the cost of a ticket to see the 'better' experience, helping the box-office. Recently James Cameron acheived success with a 3D re-issue of Titanic and Joss Whedon's Avengers was also released in a 3D version. 

The film, directed by John Chu, was already budgeted at around $125 million and the conversion could add considerably more to the cost, but Paramount may well have noted that while March was once considered outside the blockbuster season (with close proximity to the quieter time to accomodate the  Academy Awards), films such as The Hunger Games have not seen their box-office negatively affected when released then.

There's no shortage of other blockbusters hitting cinemas and it is unlikely there will be any significant movement of other major movies (though Paramount HAS moved in Seth MacFarlane's edgy comedy 'Ted' to  to fill the specific space left by their GI:Joe move). However those previously issued Joe trailers, includng the one at the Super Bowl, may now be somewhat redundant…