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Zodiac – Signs point to Chan Retirement?

We've heard rumours of Jackie Chan retiring from the 'action' side of the industry before – will Chinese Zodiac be his swansong or not?

Jackie Chan may have just celebrated his 58th birthday this year, but he’s still rocking around the world in production of the long awaited third chapter in the Armour of God/Operation Condor series, Chinese Zodiac. Chan has strongly hinted will be his final action epic and early reports and footage suggest that Chan is pulling out all the stops fight and stunt wise.

Chan directs the film with longtime friend and confidante Frankie Chan assisting. Former Jackie Chan stunt-teamers Brad Allan & Andy Cheng have been amongst those who’ve come back to work for him on the project. At this year’s Cannes International Film Festival, Chan announced that he feels it is time to lay Jackie Chan the action hero to rest, and that he’ll continue his career focusing more on acting and directing rather than jumping off tall buildings and kicking people in the face! Of course, we've heard such rumours before and Chan has proved to be irrepressible.

While we hate to think that Chinese Zodiac might be the end of an era, if so… Chan leaves an incredible legacy of action and martial arts for fans to enjoy and Chinese Zodiac – which is scheduled for a December release – has got us excited as hell: