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The Dark Knight Rises With a New IMAX Poster

With only two weeks until the new Batman film is released, a new IMAX poster has appeared online…

A new IMAX poster has been released online in last minute attempt to promote the film. (As if we haven't already booked our tickets…)

The poster shows Batman (Christian Bale) standing on top of a burning Gotham City as he looks up to the sky. The light in the sky is shaped as the bat logo connoting that Batman is their saviour, as we all know. Sadly the people Gotham are unaware and allow Bane (Tom Hardy) free reign, destroying the city and creating chaos. The poster looks almost apocalyptic as though the Dark Knight rises from the ashes of Gotham.

The film's official website now features a set of production notes, but it is recommended that you wait til you've seen it before looking at them if you don't want to be spoiled.

The Dark Knight Rises is out on July 20th, so you only have two weeks to wait, although that is still too long for some…