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SDCC – Jackie Chan not Expendable (Yet)

Yes, here's been much talk that  the martial-arts legend may be getting ready to retire, but he's told the SDCC audience that's not true…


At the age of 58 he's had more broken bones than some of us have had hot dinners and some of us have had a LOT of hot dinners, but while there have been constant rumours and supposed quotes that Jackie Chan is on the verge of retiring, he's told a hall full of fans at the SDCC that the most recent reports of him giving up making movies were misreported.  While promoting Chinese Zodiac, now often receiving the shorthand title CZ12, Chan did admit he's said  may be winding down the more full-on action roles but that he thinks he still has much to offer and plenty of ambition.

Chan confirmed to the audience that he WAS approached to star in the Expendables sequel but had to turn it down due to conflicts in schedules – but would love to team up with Stallone and crew if there's a third movie in the franchise. He also name-checked Ronert De Niro and Al Pacino as actors with whom he'd like to appear. 

Chinese Zodiac, written and directed by its star, had shooting locations in eight countries with a reported budget of over $47 million and sees the return of Asian Hawk, the character Chan played in The Armour of God movies over twenty years ago. The story deals with the theft of  – and subsequent glob-trotting search for – the bronzed statue-heads of the zodiac animals/mystic artifacts from the Imperial Summer Palace in 1860.

The film, currently in post-production is due to bow on December 12th…