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SDCC – Whedon Re-Assembles cast

This year he assembled The Avengers. For his next trick, re-assembling the Firefly cast – if only for the SDCC…

It's ten years since a show that barely made it into double-figure episodes yet became one of the biggest cult action shows of all time, debuted on screens. Yes, Firefly burned brightly and then got snatched off the air by Fox, much to the annoyance of Whedon, his cast and millions of fans. There was a brief reprise in the big-screen outing Serenity, see our exclusive picture of the assembled cast in Edinburgh circa 2005, but the concept has now been hosted in comics and the fan-films of the faithful.

But Whedon and many of his cast gathered together at SDCC to celebrate and remember the show and take some questions – and it all began with a clip montage set to the 'I'm Sexy and I Know it…' music, drawing massive applause from the crowd.. The panel also included Impact's long-time friend Tim Minear who was Whedon's colloborator on the show and stars Nathan Fillion (Mal), Summer Glau (River), Adam Baldwin (Jayne), Alan Tudyk (Wash) and Sean Maher (Simon). At one point the queue extended to over 5000 fans outside the building with more within. There was no real news – there will be no miracle revival of the show, but as rumoured over the last few days there will be a TV special reuniting the cast in a round-table session and analysing the success of the show. It will screen on the US's Science Channel on November 11th.

Whedon stills describes his Firefly crew as 'the best cast I will ever work with' and spoke of the unique ties that bind and of his respect for the cast, especially Nathan Fillion (currently starring in another hit show Castle). At the end of the hour-long session, it was hard to tell who was more emotional, the cast or the fans.

Whedon, of course, directed this year's mega-hit The Avengers, making him one of the most sought-after directors around. Yet he also revealed at the panel that he hasn't decided whether he wants to helm The Avengers sequel, set to hit screens in 2015.