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SDCC – Taking out the Dirty Laundry

Frank Castle, The Punisher, has had a bumpy ride on the big screen, but Thomas Jane has created his own short, honouring the character he once played…

Sure, The Walking Dead, Iron Man 3 and Superman may have got the attention at the SDCC this year, but it might have been easy to overlook a 'Marvel' fan-film with a difference… it was created by the star known for playing the role. Thomas Jane was the star of the 1990s Punisher film and though the film got a mixed reception, it's also been seen as a genuine attempt to bring the tone of the character to the screen.

Now Thomas Jane has created a Punisher short called Dirty Laundry in which he reprises the character. This is not, apparently, any prelude to any bigger or official Punisher project, just a labour of love for the actor who really loved the character.

Be warned, there is adult language and 'R' level action in the short, which we show to you below… 

(And thanks to Ross Boyask for the heads-up!)