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Who will fight Thor?

Christopher Eccleston heads into space for some time and relatively dimensional adventures…

As a new series of Doctor Who gets set to launch, one of the previous inhabitants of the Tardis is also set to explore the universe once again. Christopher Eccleston, who played the ninth version of BBC's Timelord looks be playing the role of Malekith the Accursed,  the ruler of the Dark Eves of Svartalfheim and a major villain in the sequel to Marvel Studios' Thor.  Despite clearly liking more meaty, gritty and cerebral projects (such as The Second Coming, Blackout, Jude and The Accused,  Eccleston is no stranger to big blockbuster movies having appeared in GI Joe, Gone in Sixty Seconds and tv series Heroes.

The news, broken by industry site Deadline, comes after the recent departure of Mads Mikkelssen, though it is not known if this was the role that  Mikkelssen was originally hired to play. We are only now starting to get more news about the film's plot, though details remain vague. It looks as though the God of Thunder's adventures will be more Asgard-based than in the original film, with more machinations facing the other-dimensional realm. However it is also beleived that Natalie Portman's Jane Foster will play a major part and that Rene Russo, as Odin's wife Frigga will have much more of a role than the blink-and-you'll miss-her appearance in the 2011 movie.

Most of the original cast will be back for Thor: The Dark World, including Chris Hemsworth as Thor himself, Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin. It is set to open in November next year.