Future Past, First Class Sequel

It looks as if one of the most popular X-Men story-arcs is inspiring the plot of the next X-Men outing…

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The X-Men have been one of Marvel's best-selling comic-book titles for years and the Bryan Singer-directed movie versions were also highly-respected films, long before Marvel Studios opened up the publishers' bigger universe so successfully. Now Singer has confirmed to the IGN site a little of his plans for the continuing X-Men: First Class saga, for which he is the executive producer (Matthew Vaughn directed the first First Class outing).  In a move which will delight long-term fans, he has confirmed that the subtitle of the film will be Days of Future Past, referencing what is largely seen to be one of the original comic's most ambitious storylines.

In the comic, an older Kitty Pryde travels back from a dystopian future where mutants are held in concentration camps, guarded the robotic sentinels. Most of the X-Men are inprisoned or have been killed. Pryde swaps bodies with her younger self in an attempt to stop the assassination of a mutant-hating senator which triggers a backlash leading to the dark future status-quo.

Though time-travel and alternatie futures have become an over-used staple in the comics-world, this story by Chris Claremont and John Byrne was one of the original and better examples. Singer, not wanting to reveal too much at this stage, notes that the story won't be exactly the same (First Class already tweaked some of the continuity from the previous X-Men cinematic outings and Kitty Pryde is a character who, technically, wouldn't be part of the 60s/70s continuity at any point) but that he thinks the re-imagining and narrative  inspiration will prove the opportunity to expand out the X-Men universe as much as Marvel have done with the characters for which they still hold the feature-film rights.

Singer's latest project is Jack the Giant Killer, but he says he doesn't completely rule out stepping behind the camera for directing duties on more X-Men outings at some point if the likes of Matthew Vaughn weren't available…