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AFM: Yuen Woo-ping finds Lost Order

Yuen Woo-ping helped choreograph The Matrix. For his next project  he's rogue-trading Hong Kong for Wall Street…


He's a legend in the action entertainment industry and now Hong Kong action choreographer Yuen Woo-ping has signed up to direct Vigilantes – The Lost Order, which will be his first Hollywood film (though technically it's a Chinese-Canadian co-production).  

Featuring a mainly western cast, production is due to start next year with plans to make the story a trilogy.  It revolves around an assassin who swears to avenge the murder of ehr father and in the process uncovers a major conspiracy in the higher reaches of a financial empire. Birch Tree Entertainment, who are promoting the project at the AFM describe it as 'Wall Street meets The Matrix' with eyes to making it a prominent new action franchise.

Yuen is, of course, known for his ground-breaking choreography in films such as Kill Bill, The Matrix, Crouching Tiger – Hidden Dragon and has recently been working on True Legend and Wong Kar-Wei's upcoming The Grandmaster