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Tokyo Story: The Roth of Cannes?

Is Van Halen's David Lee Roth about to take the film world by storm? A new teaser trailer 'Toyko Story' suggests some Tarantino-tinged aspirations…

80’s hair metal legend David Lee Roth had quite a career as both the lead vocalist from Van Halen on such songs as Jump, and as a solo artist with everything from Going Crazy, California Girls and Just a Gigolo. Lee Roth has always been a fan of martial arts and his performances and video clips often showed him letting loose with some slick kicks and split kicks honed by training with everyone from Benny Urquidez to his current training in Japanese martial arts and weapons work.

Now Lee Roth unveils a trailer for a movie that doesn’t seem to exist as yet. Tokyo Story is written by and stars Dave as an Anglo-Japanese hitman and which also stars Sumo wrestler Konishiki. At one point Lee Roth goes 'all Sailor Moon' and announces ‘In the name of the moon, I shall right all wrongs and defeat all evil’.

We're not sure what to make of all this. It's definitely well shot and with a distinct Tarantinoesque vibe. Is it  ateaser for a genuinely bigger project, a plan for a new career in action cinema or is he just crazy from the heat?

Take a look: