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Mark Wahlberg to fly with The Raven

Mark Wahlberg's next Report could have a Minority feel… 

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Mark Wahlberg and partner Steve Levinson will be producing a feature length version of Ricardo De Montreuil’s futuristic short film The Raven (not to be confused with the similarly titled Edgar Allen Poe adaptation).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, now Universal has finally acquired the rights to the film, it will now be made into a feature length project with the apparent intention of having Wahlberg as the starring role. Script will be written by Justin Marks (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li).

this web page The original film features a man running through streets using parkour to evade police drones as several large District-9-like ships hover above. He also appears to have some form of superhuman powers.

Originally from Peru, De Montreuil is one of many directors to make short films over the past year in the hope of being picked up by Hollywood. The Raven was made on a budget of merely $5000 and is an impressive piece considering.

From what can be seen so far, it’s possible that The Raven could be along the lines of the next Minority Report but with a film of the same name currently in production (starring John Cusack); it’s likely that this Raven will have a different title on release.