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Kapow! Plans Surprise Screening

Kapow! to show an advanced screening of one of next year's big comic-book blockbuster movies.

KapowMark Millar and his fellow organisers at Kapow! have recently announced 'Movie X'. The event, something which is planned to be had at the convention annually, is a surprise screening of a superhero film that will not have been released at the time (April 9-10th).

In an official press release Kapow! said, "MOVIE X is a regular event that will round out KAPOW every year with a secret, surprise screening of a different comic-book blockbuster. This exclusive screening will be the finale to the show on Sunday 10th April 2011 in a 500 seater auditorium in the London Business Design Centre with state of the art facilities. Nobody will know what MOVIE X is until the lights go down, but fans of comic book cinema can rest assured they are in for a special treat. Our only clue this year is that the movie features a solo superhero. Have fun guessing who he is!"

So what will it be? We can safely assume that the film is likely to be one that will have finished development by April, featuring a solo male (notice the 'he') superhero.

Possibilities? In order of likelihood (based on public release date):
1) Thor (isn't due for release until later that April)
2) Green Lantern  (not due for UK release until June)
3) Captain America (isn't due for UK release until July)

Great. Not narrowed it down too much has it? It's basically just one of the three major superhero films of next year.

The full movie and TV line up for Kapow! won't be announced until February 14th and even then 'Movie X' is still likely to remain a secret.

We can be sure, however, that whatever X equals in this equation, it's going to be huge.