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Donnie Yen: Special Identity

Written by (Far Eastern Editor) on 19th February 2013

Donnie Yen returns to action in new thriller with as much drama off screen as there is action onscreen...


The upcoming Special Identity(Shu Sun Fun) directed by Clarence Ford (Dragon from Russia), and starring Donnie Yen, Andy On & Colin Chou hasn't had the easiest of shoots, the film which began life as Ultimate Codebreak, with all manner of production problems and creative differences rearing their head between various elements of the cast and crew.

First came issues between the production and the films original lead bad-guy Vincent Zhao (True Legend, Black Sheep Affair )who was to have gone head to head with Donnie in the film, felt that numerous script changes compromised his character and his abilities until he felt forced to step back from the project. To replace him, Andy On (New Police Story) & Colin Chou (Flashpoint) were brought in to play respectively the villains number one enforcer, and the main villain. Yen & On face off in a bone crunching down and dirty fight scene while Chou takes on Yen in the finale.

As production continued, Tan Bing the original director and writer of the film when it was called Ultimate Codebreak, claimed that his script and premise had been stolen by Yen and lodged complaints with China's State Administration of Radio, Film & Television and is demanding the films release be held back until he is compensated for what he believes to be breach of contract.

The various creative differences have kept the producers from releasing any trailers or promo for the film until now but Impact was lucky enough to get a first look at an incredible car chase for the film staged by Bruce Law, which features On battling Chinese actress Jiang Tan as he drives through downtown Shenzhen with Yen in hot pursuit, and the fight rages inside and outside of the car and features some incredible gutsy stuntwork from Jiang as she is hangs on the outside of the car as it roars through traffic for real.

Written By

Mike Leeder

Far Eastern Editor

Mike Leeder

Based in Hong Kong since 1990, in addition to serving as Far Eastern Editor for Impact, and contributing to a variety of publications, Mike also works with several DVD companies acquiring films and creating bonus...

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