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The Dude & The Dragon

Written by (Far Eastern Editor) on 7th March 2013

Don the Dragon Wilson & Michael Dudikoff to join forces for The B-Team

Roger Corman's most prolific kickboxing action hero Don the Dragon Wilson is to team up with Cannon's American Ninja Michael Dudikoff for a new project, entiled ahem THE B-TEAM. The film which is being touted as the B-movie take on THE EXPENDABLES is being produced in Papua New Guinea, and the production team are hoping that the films main cast will be Don Wilson star of numerous Blood Fist movies, American Ninja Michael Dudikoff, Lady Dragon Cynthia Rothrock, and The Perfect Weapon himself Jeff Speakman.

While the Producers hope to fill out the supporting cast with a number of familiar faces from the world of martial arts and action movies, with names such as Richard Norton, mark Dacascos, Billy Blanks, Jerry trimble, Loren Avedon and more being mentioned as possibile members of the cast.

A recent interview with Wilson revealed the following, " there's a lot of bad guys and good guys in it, there's room for anybody thats going to be available. They would only be in for a few days and then out, the ones I listed, we would have to be in New Guinea the entire shoot but the other actors can come and go. There's plenty of action and the game plan is to get as many guys as we can get in. I literally know everyone of them!'

An early draft of the script does hint at something that could take the idea of using familair movie heroes as the main cast to the next level...

Far from the excitement of Port Moresby in PNG, jettisoning skyward is the awe inspiring Volcanic Rim of Rabaul. This Ancient and beautiful place has an intriguing and tumultuous history. Deep in the jungle/forest near Rabaul’s base, a group of archeologist unearth a highly-developed, ancient civilization. Among the amazing relics found, a mysterious amulet is discovered that is believed to hold long forgotten technological secrets. Secrets that could threaten the welfare of the planet. This amulet had remained forever lost, until now.

When world powers learn of this discovery, rogue groups from around the world race to capture the amulet and its secrets. The amulet’s secrets would give the owner great power. The Prime Minister of PNG requests that the President of the United States send an elite team of Military operatives to return the amulet to its rightful place. Rising to the call for action, the President dispatches both an elite team and a backup team of action movie heroes (Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock & more). They enter PNG under the guise of making an action film, when in reality; it is their mission to return the amulet. They are THE B-TEAM and this, is their story.

In order to keep up the facade that the B-TEAM Members Wilson, Rothrock and co are just shooting a movie, they bring their family members along as added cover. While the Team risks their lives; their families discover the extraordinary beauty and sites of PNG. Through various missions, chases, fights, streaks of good luck, streaks of bad luck and treks through the jungle (Shenanigans, etc.) The heroes get close to securing the amulet while appearing to be making a film. The elite team ends up serving as a distraction to the rouge groups, etc while the B-Team-ers make exceptional progress.

Written By

Mike Leeder

Far Eastern Editor

Mike Leeder

Based in Hong Kong since 1990, in addition to serving as Far Eastern Editor for Impact, and contributing to a variety of publications, Mike also works with several DVD companies acquiring films and creating bonus...

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