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Jackie Chan boasts diverse 2017 slate…

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It’s a busy time for with recent projects and imminent releases keeping the iconic (and now Oscar-recipient) performer in the spotlight…

It’s a wrap for Jackie Chan’s sci-fi adventure Bleeding Steel after a six month shoot that encompassed Australia, Taiwan and . It stars as a veteran special forces agent who must fight to protect a young woman from a sinister criminal organisation… while at the same time he is flooded with memories of an alternate life with the same woman. The film features fight sequences choreographed by Jackie Chan protege Max Huang (Dragonblade, Kingsman: The Secret Service) and an action team that includes Brahim Achabbakhe (Man of Tai Chi), Temur Mamisashvili (My Name is Tanusha), and car stunts by Bruce Law (Extreme Crisis, 2: Berandal). The film’s cast includes Show Luo, Nana Ouyang, Erica Xia-hou, Tess Haubrich and Callan Mulvey.

While Bleeding Steel has just finished shooting, Chan has a number of projects set for release over the next few months:

Railroad Tigers: Set for imminent release in China, before rolling out across and South East Asia (with WellGoUSA releasing the film in North America in January), this is the third collaboration between Chan and director Ding Shen (Big Soldier Little General, Police Story 2013). The action drama is set during the Sino-Japanese war that began before WW2 when Japan invaded China. Chan plays a freedom fighter who uses his knowledge of China’s rail network to strike out against the Japanese forces in a deadly game played on the tracks.

Kung Fu Yoga: Jackie is reunited with Rumble in the Bronx and Police Story 3: Supercop director Stanley Tong for this action comedy  that will hit the screen at the end of January 2017. As with their previous collaboration on The Myth, there’s a ‘Bollywood’ feel to the project. Chan plays an archaeology professor who teams up with a beautiful Indian professor to locate a lost treasure in Tibet. The film was shot on locations in China, India and Dubai with a supporting cast that includes Lay Zhang (Exo), Miya Muqi (Tomb Robber), Aarif Rahman (Bruce Lee, My Brother), Sonu Sood (Arundhati), Ileana D’Cruz (Happy Ending) and a contingent of Gwailo bad guys that include Kevin Lee (Wolf Warrior), Troy Sandford (Man of Tai Chi), Fatih Urgulu (Skyfall), Temur Mamisashvili (Dragon Blade) and Paul Allica (Ghost in the Shell). The film’s fight and stunt choreography was coordinated by Jackie Chan Stunt-Team veteran Wu Gang, with Bruce Law once again handling the films motor vehicular mayhem.

Chan will also be seen opposite in the Russian fantasy comedy adventure VIY 2, and in Taken mode opposite Pierce Brosnan in The Foreigner, as a former soldier drawn back into action one last time when his family are killed. He will also be joining Joe Carnahan’s project Five Against a Bullet which, from the plot details released so far, seems to be riffing on Johnnie To’s classic The Mission telling of a politician who hires an elite team of five bodyguards following his fathers assassination.

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