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America's Got… Powers?

Acclaimed artist Bryan Hitch and writer/tv personality Jonathan Ross are collaborating on a new project – a superheroic take on the X-Factor…

With Bryan Hitch's not renewing hisexclusive contract with Marvel Comics, the artist will now be exploring some other projects and the next will be teaming up with tv personality and writer Jonathan Ross for America's Got Powers, a look at a reality show in a world where auditions are held for the premier suphero team.  In a year which sees American Idol and X-Factor as top-rated shows and the Olympics will be held in London, the competetive and ratings-bait tone and satrirical possibilites are endless.

Hitch, whois one of the industry's most sought-after illustrators and worked with Mark Millar on The Ultimates told comic-book-resources that…

"We are dealing with a world that has superpowers for sure but only one super team and the winner earns a place on it. It's easy to see how taking that reality show, gladiatorial framework and applying super powered teens to it can lead to all sorts of drama and massive action and I'm very much at home with that sort of thing!"

Ross is well known for his love of comics and action cinema and recently collaborated with artist Tommy Lee Edwards on the acclaimed multi-genre comic Turf.

America's Got Powers will hit shelves in April from Image