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Fringe: Teasers for Comic-Con

Everyone's talking about this year's San Diego Comic-Con (12th-15th July). Fox and EW will be promoting Fringe's final season there…

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)

The teaser poster confirms that the final season will feature the Observers and explore the dystopian society in 2036 as we saw in season four's, 'Letters of Transit'. The poster indicates that the Observers are still very much in control of society despite Walter, Peter and Astrid returning to help save the world. Sadly, Olivia's wheareabouts are still unknown, much to the frustration of many fans.

Fringe's Comic-Con segment, including a special sneak peek, will host a question and answer panel with Anna Torv, John Noble, Joshua Jackson and executive producer J. H. Wyman. Hopefully the panel will provide fans with answers to some of the many questions we all have. As it is their last visit to San Diego, there will be plenty of surprises I'm sure.

The final season of Fringe returns in the autumn and the premiere episode title, 'Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11', is enough to keep fans busy… for now.