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Walking Dead – Staggering Numbers

The Walking Dead #100 reached an amazing number of readers, making it the most ordered title in fiften years… 


The Walking Dead may not be back on international screens until October, when it returns fora third season, but the comic on which it is based is hardly marking time. The week of the SDCC saw the Image monochrome comic reaching a landmark 100th issue with a bloody demise to a familiar long-term character (no specific spoilers beyond that!). It may have been bad news for that individual, but the good news for Image, writer Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard – who all attended the convention – is that the issue reached a staggering 383,612 first orders (any second-printings will simply add to a higher total).

It was suspected that the edition – which came with a range of different covers to select from – would be one of the highest ordered in years – the title has seen a consistently high and growing readership (with a little help from the AMC/FX series itself) – but to put the amount in perspective, The Walking Dead #100 has already become the highest ordered comic since 1997.

Kirkman and Adlard say that they have no end in sight for their hard-hitting saga concerning the survivors of a zombie apocalypse and hope to keep going with the story as long as there are stories to tell – with Kirkman saying he hopes to celebrate #200 at some point in the future. The television show is based on the comic but has already started tracing its own route, with the fates of various characters differing from their printed counterparts.