BSkyB's the Limit for 007…

SkyFall may be the title of the new 007 outing, but it's BSkyB that will be helping him rise with a new dedicated movie channel in October…

"Do you expect me to talk..?"  

"No I expect you to watch television!!!!"    

That might not sound quite as intimidating, but there's a ring of truth to it as BSkyB is announcing that the latest addition to their raft of satellite channels is a dedicated channel for only Bond movies… which will be called Sky Movies 007, of course – and will be available in standard and HD broadcasts.

The plan, which stems from BSkyB's purchase of the back-catalogue earlier this year (previously held by ITV), forms part of the celebration of FIFTY years of 007 movies and is timed to co-incide with the release of the latest addition (Sam Mendes' SkyFall) will launch on 5th October.

The BSKYB deal includes the right to every single Bond movie ever made prior to this year's entry – including two 'unofficial' non MGM/EON entries, the spoof Casino Royale and the 'rogue' Bond movie Never Say Never Again (which featured a return for Sean Connery after Roger Moore has taken over the official movies).

The twenty-two films will be shown in their full versions, without adverts and there will also be other conencted programming.

In a statement, Ian Lewis, the director of Sky Movies, said: "The Bond movies are a very special franchise and we want to ensure that our customers will be able to experience it in a way they've never been able to before, and so we're going to create a dedicated channel Sky Movies 007 HD devoted entirely to James Bond showing the entire catalogue of films and loads of extra material. We're delighted that our customers will have the best Bond movie-watching experience ever with Sky Movies – uninterrupted, in HD, on demand and on the go."