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SDCC: Evil Dead tv gets sm-Ashing trailer...

11th July 2015

The undead are back as Bruce Campbell's Ash gears up for another groovy battle with the 'Evil Dead'. The SDCC had a first glimpse of the Starz show ahead of Hallowe'en...

SDCC - new Ash Vs The Evil Dead trailer

In The Karate Kid, Mr Myiagi deflects a question about whether he can break a plank of wood by saying he's never been attacked by a tree.

Clearly he's not Bruce Campbell.

The Evil Dead has outlived its shoestring (but creatively-used) budget and become a genuine cult sensation over the years - its lead character Ashley 'Ash' J. Williams  (the shy-and-retiring Bruce Campbell) never far away from the role that he made his own.

After sequels and remakes we're very close to the arrival of the television series, coming to America's Starz channel at (naturally and supernaturally) Hallowe'en. Once again the chainsaw-wielding ant-hero is faced with threats from beyond the dark side and he has to put aside his supermarket manager duties to save the world from the forces unleashed by the dreaded Necronomicon.

Campbell is joined for the ten-episode series - created by original stalwarts Sam and Ivan Raimi - by the likes of Mimi Rogers, Lucy Lawless, Jill Marie Jones and Dana DeLorenzo, 

"Klaatu barada niksomething!!!!!"

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