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Van Damme 2012 Sched Hots Up...

23rd January 2012

In the 1980, Van Damme was everywhere - then nothing...after time in the wilderness, the martial artist seems to be back in the spotlight...

The return to the spotlight of Jean-Claude Van Damme, Impact’s original cover star continues. The last year has seen the release of the well-received reality show Behind Closed Doors, the slick thriller Assassination Games, and we await with great excitement the upcoming releases of Universal Soldier 4 in 3D, The Butcher and of course The Expendables 2 which will see Jean-Claude going head to head with Sylvester Stallone.

The latest news is that JCVD recently returned to Hong Kong and it would appear that his dance card is full with a number of Eastern projects including possible reshoots for Van Damme’s personal project The Eagle Path.

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