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JCVD's 'Bullets': Yes we Cannes...

25th May 2012

Van Damme's slow but sure career revival sees him appear in the Expendables sequel this summer, but also taking Six Bullets at Cannes...

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s recently-completed Taken’esque thriller The Butcher (now being called Six Bullets) has been making its official market debut at this year’s Cannes International Film Festival. It is directed by Assassination Games helmer Ernie Barbarash. Van Damme plays a former special forces operative turned hero for hire who specialises in cases involving abducted children. His latest assignment sees him hired by an MMA champion played by Stargate Atlantis’s Joe Flanigan whose daughter has been kidnapped.

Jean-Claude’s eldest son Kristopher Van Varenberg and daughter Bianca Van Varenberg also appear in the movie. Impact’s Far Eastern Editor Mike Leeder saw a rough cut of the film a few months ago and gave it the thumbs up, while cult UK director Ross Boyask (10 Dead Men, Warrioress) saw the film at Cannes and tweeted “Best Van Damme film in 10 years!”

The film is scheduled for release this summer.

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