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No Turtle Recall?

15th June 2012

The Ninja Turtles may not be recalled after all. The Michael Bay / Jonathan Liebesman production is shut down...

Only this week we were talking about the number of films that appear to be in trouble and being pushed back well beyond their original release-dates. Now you can possibly add the proposed Ninja Turtles reboot to that equation...

Paramount (who, let's be honest, seem to be leading the charge backwards at this point with a number of high-profile films delayed for months) has shut down the pre-production on the film with the original proposed date (December 2013) now unlikely to be before May 2014 at the very earliest. The shut-down is said to be currently 'indefinite' by some sources and at least 'ten weeks' by others.

The film will/would have necessitated a massive amount of CGI work, but the Hollywood Reporter suggests that the real problem is with the script.  Jonathan Liebesman (Wrath of the Titans) was brought on to direct and Executive Producer Michael Bay caused some controversy when he announced the title would lose the 'teenage mutant' prefix.

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