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Prototype Teaser Eyes Robot Success

21st June 2012

At the moment it doesn't even have a distribution deal, but The Prototype's trailer is exciting the internet...

The Bandito Brothers caused quite a stor when they created 'Act of Valor' the film featuring real soldiers in the main parts, undertaking a fictionalised operation based on their previous missions. Their follow-up may well have already started generating a lot of interest. Industry site Deadline has revealed that the teaser  trailer for their upcoming sci-fi project The Prototype has hit the web ahead of schedule. While there is no distribution deal in palce for the film, it looks like the leak of the trailer could cause something of a bidding war.

It's also important to note that The Prototype was filmed for a budget south of $40 million, meanign the effects you can see in the trailer below are even more impressive. The story tells the story of the most humanoid robot ever made and the team that are sent to bring him back once he escapes the lab. Of course, there are some serious ethical questions to be asked amongst all the inevitable action that ensues.

All we can say is, this trailer  - which feels very much I, Robot meets The Fugitive - has got US interested as well...


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