The Phantom: Redux?

The Phantom, last seen 14 years ago played by Billy Zane, is set for a return to the small screen with a mini-series on the SyFy Channel.

For those of you who came in late, 14 years after his last big screen appearance courtesy of Billy Zane ‘the ghost who walks’ aka The Phantom, has hit the screen again with a mini-series for SyFy Channel. While the movie took place during the 1930s, the series which serves as a possible pilot for an ongoing series stars Ryan Carnes as Chris Moore, law student and occasional free runner. But the revelation is that he is actually Kit Walker, the latest in the Walker bloodline chosen to wear the purple robes of The Phantom, as so many of his predecessors have as they battle the Singh Brotherhood and assorted foes. The mini-series also stars Jean Marchand, Sandrine Holt (Once a Thief TV series) and Cameron Goodman and Isabella Rossellini, and was directed by Paolo Barzman. The first half has some nice moments as truths and lies are revealed, but the second part flops and comes across as a low rent action show about a man in a purple hoodie with a hero who doesn’t really do anything heroic let alone spectacular. Sadly much as SyFy’s handling of Flash Gordon seemed misjudged, they seem to have dropped the ball again with regards to their second adaptation of a Kings Feature Syndicate character, one only hopes for better treatment for Mandrake the Magician if he’s next. The Phantom handled properly could be a great movie or TV series, but they need to bear in mind the sub title of the character ‘the ghost that walks’… as with Batman, he works better in the shadows and at night.