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SDCC - Godzilla smashes Tokyo & San Diego!

Written by (Editor) on 15th July 2012

In GODzilla we trust and the SDCC sprang a surprise on its crowd with the first teaser footage/poster from the upcoming monster-mash...

After preview footage of The Hobbit and the monster robot movie Pacific Rim was shown at the SDCC's Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures panel, the con-goers were in for something of an-scheduled surprise when the hall also saw the first real teasers and publicity launch for the new remake of Godzilla.

Fans got to see a pretty impressive trailer that didn't shy away from showing the design of the titular monster itself as well as shots of a devastated citscape, smashed cars and survivors surveying the damage. The footage was followed by Gareth Edwards (who we interviewed last year for his independent creature-feature 'Monsters') coming on stage and telling the gathered fans some facts about the project. He told the audience that lessons had apparently been learned from the 90s' Hollywood attempt and that this new project was takign the subject-matter much more seriously. It would be portrayed as realitsically as a story of a gigantic scaley monster rampaging through a city can be. Edwards is an admitted fan of the existing eastern version of the franchise and says the project is a dream come true for him. 

There's little news on the exact plot or on the casting involved, but the event did the the opportunity to also  launch the basic teaser poster. Godzilla has a proposed 2014 release date and we'll bring more information when we have it...

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John Mosby


John Mosby

Born at a early age, creative writing and artwork seemed to be in John’s blood from the start Even before leaving school he was a runner up in the classic Jackanory Writing Competition and began...

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