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Steel Yourself for a darker Superman

22nd July 2012

Up, up and way darker than we thought. The new Superman teasers have arrived, but suggest a more moody approach to the Man of Steel...

There's been much procastination about the darkness within the current Dark Knight saga, but amid all the other events of the last few days, news of the next Superman movie 'Man of Steel' has somewhat slipped through the cracks.  Warner Bros. have actually released two teaser trailers for next year's film, both containing exactly the same footage, but with different voice-overs. The first is Jonathan Kent (played by Kevin Costner), the other the voice being that of Clark Kent's biological father, the Kryptonian Jor-El (Russell Crowe).  You can see the Costner version below.

Many suspected that the new Superman, despite being executively-produced by Christopher Nolan (and directed by Zack Snyder of 300 and Watchmen fame) would be lighter in tone than Gotham's hero, but firstly the Man of Steel poster released for the SDCC and now the teaser trailer itself look surprisingly moody and foreboding - the wild ocean-based beginning as far, literally, from the mid-western Smallville as you could get...  suggesting a movie that will a harder and mroe emotional edge.

We'll see when the film opens 14th June 2013.

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