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Who Goes Here? Doctor at Arms...

Written by (Editor) on 2nd August 2012

The debut of the new series of Doctor Who is just a few weeks away and already the publicity machine is kicking into timey-whimey gear...

A trailer for the new season - expected to begin at the end of August - will debut on the official BBC site later on Thursday - and now here below - but for the next few hours, you'll have to make do with this rather snazzy and very dramatic poster image. Unless you've been living under a rock on Skaro for the last few decades, then you probably know that this image features a bruised and battered Matt Smith as the Doctor carrying Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and surrounded by a variety of Daleks that have appeared in the show over the last forty-nine years.  

The first episode of the new season is called 'Asylum of the Daleks' and is said to feature every single type of dalek we've ever seen in the show's entire run - possibly even those from the non-canon Peter Cushing films.

This season - showing either side of Christmas 2012, will feature the departure of Amy and husband Rory (Arthur Darvill) and a new companion played by Jenna Louise Coleman. Next year the show celebrates its Fiftieth birthday with the rumour of a series of major specials scattered through the latter part of the year.  In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, show-runner Steven Moffat poured water on the idea that there were any imminent plans to bring the Doctor to the big screen. Earlier this year Harry Potter director David Yates had seemed to suggest he would be rebooting the franchise for cinema, but Moffat has said that isn't happening, that it wouldn't happen without close co-operation from himself and the BBC production based in Cardiff and that 'rebooting' the concept of Doctor Who would be 'writing the book on how to destroy the franchise...'


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John Mosby

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