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Los Brazos Fuertes ...

Written by (Far Eastern Editor) on 6th August 2012

Los Brazos Fuertes Del Cined De Accion De Los 80 Y 90!  Or, to translate, it's time for a Spanish book on Action heroes of the 1980s & 1990s!

With the imminent release of The Expendables 2, the classic heroes of 1980s & 1990s action cinema are being given another shot at the big show and not only re-appreciated by their original fans, but being given a new introduction to cinemagoers who werent born in the days before DVD! Its perfect timing for a book on the men themselves, the action heroes who fired guns, kicked heads, snapped necks, drove fast cars and didnt look back at explosions...

Spanish author and action cinema fan Diego Arjona has just unleashed a weighty and highly informative book on the subject: Los Brazos Fuertes Del Cine De Accion De Los 80 Y 90 which translates as Big Bicep Action Movies of the 80's & 90's! Clocking in at 320 pages, the hardback book covers the careers of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme with indeoth chapters on the three biggest names in the genre, plus an introduction to the big bicep action movie genre and another chapter that takes a look at the work of Brandon Lee, Scott Adkins, Loren Avedon, Daniel Bernhardt, Brian Bosworth, Billy Blanks, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun-fatt, David Bradley, Michael Dudikoff, Gary Daniels, Chuck Norris and many more of our favourite action movie heroes. There's also  chapter devoted to classic one-liners from the movies  too!

The book is nicely illustrated with a mixture of movie posters from around the world and production stills from various films and features an introduction by one Kristopher Van Varenberg whose father is of course, Jean-Claude Van Damme!

The book is very entertaining and informative read, but the problem for an English-speaking audience is that, at this moment, it's only available in Spanish. However I'd love to see someone like Titan Books picking up the book for an English language release. For more ordering information, you can visit

Review score: 8 out of 10

Written By

Mike Leeder

Far Eastern Editor

Mike Leeder

Based in Hong Kong since 1990, in addition to serving as Far Eastern Editor for Impact, and contributing to a variety of publications, Mike also works with several DVD companies acquiring films and creating bonus...

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