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Y: The Last Man Rising

Brian K Vaughan’s comic is made into a fan-made film…

For those who have not read Brian K Vaughan’s comic book series, Y: The Last Man, go do so now. The story is that a mysterious plague has killed every single man on Earth… except one. Yorrick is the only man left alive and it is up to Agent 355 to protect his life. It is no easy task, especially once the Amazonian women find out and try to capture him. Being the only guy in the world isn't all perks! 

Whilst the film is a fan-made effort, the opening scenes of the twenty minute film show how much hard work has gone into it and it doesn't fail to impress. It could be argued that the acting could be improved, but we need to remind ourselves that this is fan-made and not a industry film or tv pilot. Check out the video below and make up your own mind… would the comic series be successful on screen?

The film is made by IGN and Drake 1129 Productions who say they are super fans of the comic series. It does come across with the attention to detail despite them not having the top film budget. A huge effort has gone into this short film (just look at the credits) and it would be fantastic to see more of it especially as it leaves us on a cliffhanger!