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Jack Reacher Trailer

Written by (former intern) on 5th July 2012

Away from the other current headlines, Tom Cruise gets some good news as he fights back in a brand new trailer...

Jack Reacher is out in December and is an adaptation of Lee Child's novel One Shot. Though there has been some controversy as to Cruise's casting (the character from the books is a bulkly and over six foot tall - which, to be honest, Cruise is not) but the trailer suggests a solid, phhysical action vibe to the outing. It will be out in cinemas at the end of the year. here is the trailer - it does not fail to impress that's for sure...



Written By

Lindsay Bradley

former intern

Lindsay Bradley

Lindsay is one of the new interns on the team and is hoping to gain some useful experience. A student studying English at Manchester Metropolitan University and soon approaching her final year, Lindsay is not sure...

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