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John Mosby

Born at a early age, creative writing and artwork seemed to be in John’s blood from the start Even before leaving school he was a runner up in the classic Jackanory Writing Competition and began editing magazines in college.

A member of the Guild of Regional Film Writers since 1990, he has covered the industry in all its forms ever since, with a writing career that spans over thirty titles and the likes of Total Film, Starburst, Film Review, Fantazia, Profile and the Yorkshire Evening Post.  He has been a columnist for Dreamwatch, the film critic for Radio Leeds, the UK Bureau Chief for Sc-Fi Universe and regular contributor to The Leeds Guide.

He has written three books, including two official tie-ins (Barb Wire and The X-Men) and one  - The Cutting Edge - on the history of sword-play in the movies  and appeared on television shows ranging from Sky’s Top Ten Sci-Fi Movies of all Time, Yorkshire Television’s Fun and Games and has now served as Impact’s editor for over a decade.

On the graphic design front the has designed DVD covers and cinema posters as well as establishing the branding for several companies, a range of exclusive clothing and creating spreads for various magazine articles.

He currently lives in Leeds, but travels extensively for work and pleasure when the opportunity and wallet allow.  You can find out more at .

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