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Meet The Impact Online Staff

Thumbnail from John Mosby article


John Mosby

Born at a early age, creative writing and artwork seemed to be in John’s blood from the start Even before leaving school he was a...

Thumbnail from Mike Leeder article

Far Eastern Editor

Mike Leeder

Based in Hong Kong since 1990, in addition to serving as Far Eastern Editor for Impact, and contributing to a variety of publications, Mike also...

Thumbnail from Daryl Crowther article


Daryl Crowther

Daryl is the creator of this fine website. He lives in the picturesque town of Huddersfield which serves as Impact's main base of operations. Although...

Thumbnail from Dave Davis article


Dave Davis

Dave Davis is a SDCC veteran, action fan, Highlander enthusiast and cancer survivor. Nicknamed 'The Bluesman' he's a regular contributor to internet bulletin boards and...

Thumbnail from John Bierly article

US Contributor

John Bierly

Up, up and away since 1975, John Bierly is like one of those clipper ship captains who’s married to the sea... but he’s been out...

Thumbnail from J M McDole article


J M McDole

A self-confessed and unapologetic horror fan, Jill McDole regularly contributes reviews to Impact’s ever-expanding multimedia section and has also written several articles for the magazine...

Thumbnail from Andrez Bergen article


Andrez Bergen

Andrez Bergen is an expatriate Australian journalist, musician, photographer, DJ, artist, some-time filmmaker, writer, wayward graphic designer, and ad hoc beer and sake connoisseur who’s...

Thumbnail from Leo Owen article


Leo Owen

Leo Owen is a qualified magazine journalist and sub-editor who has gone the freelance route since abandoning her previous English secondary teaching career, travelling extensively...

Thumbnail from Calum Waddell article

Asia Extreme

Calum Waddell

Calum Waddell is a full time entertainment critic based in Edinburgh, Scotland. As well as journalism he's also a successful author with books including: Minds...

Thumbnail from Beau Smith article


Beau Smith

Beau Smith, veteran of the comic book industry has penned his monthly Far from Fragile column for Impact for several years now. But there’s no...

Thumbnail from Neal Molyneaux article

Anime & Games Contributor

Neal Molyneaux

Neal Molyneaux first came to the attention of Impact readers during his tenure as the magazine’s designer through much of the last decade (he now...

Thumbnail from Sabrina Peyton article


Sabrina Peyton

Having fallen into the wrong crowd back in 2001 in Baltimore, Sabrina Peyton discovered comic books. Since then she has written for various publications including...

Thumbnail from Richard Reynolds article


Richard Reynolds

As well as being an action-film fan and one of Impact's newest contributors, Richard Reynolds writes and directs short films as co-head of Mansfield based filmmaking...

Thumbnail from Russell Sheath article


Russell Sheath

A regular contributor online at Ain't It Cool News and in print for Mark Millar's Clint magazine Russ has interviewed some of the biggest names...

Thumbnail from Dave Davis - Rolling Correspondent article

Dave Davis - Rolling Correspondent

Dave is a cancer survivor, a freelance journalist, a lifel-ong fan of comics and movies and a voracious reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy books......

Thumbnail from Tony Earnshaw article

Tony Earnshaw

Tony Earnshaw has been writing for Impact on and off since 1992. Over the years he has interviewed some of the greats of action cinema...

Thumbnail from Joseph Brandt Dilworth article

Joseph Brandt Dilworth

Joe Dilworth has been writing ever since he could hold a pencil. He has been writing for the Internet for nearly ten years and running...

Thumbnail from Petra Yorke article

Petra Yorke

Petra Yorke was actually born in York, England and departed those shores nearly two decades ago. She now divides her time between the Newer York...

Thumbnail from Ashley Lockwood article


Ashley Lockwood

Ashley is one of Impact's newest contributors, he is a designer for one of Impact's sister titles.

Thumbnail from Lindsay Bradley article

former intern

Lindsay Bradley

Lindsay is one of the new interns on the team and is hoping to gain some useful experience. A student studying English at Manchester Metropolitan University...

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