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Thumbnail from Reviewed: Sting of the Zygons (WHO) article

Reviews / Book

Reviewed: Sting of the Zygons (WHO)

9th April: We round-off our look at the recent Doctor Who 'Monster Collection' of novels with a review of the re-issued 'Sting of the Zygons'...

Thumbnail from Reviewed: Game of Thrones: Two Swords article

Reviews / Television

Reviewed: Game of Thrones: Two Swords

9th April: With Game of Thrones renewed for a fifth and sixth run, we take a look at the long awaited opening episode of its fourth season on HBO/SKY...

Thumbnail from Reviewed: Leverage Season 5 (DVD) article

Reviews / DVD

Reviewed: Leverage Season 5 (DVD)

5th April: Better late than never, here's the complete fifth and  final season of hit caper show 'Leverage' finally coming to a DVD box-set near you..

Thumbnail from Reviewed: The Walking Dead - 'A' article

Reviews / Television

Reviewed: The Walking Dead - 'A'

3rd April: Our characters arrive at Terminus and Rick unleashes his inner 'Walker' as Ashley Lockwood reviews the Season Four finale of 'The Walking Dead'...

Thumbnail from Reviewed - 'The Machine'  (DVD) article

Reviews / DVD

Reviewed - 'The Machine' (DVD)

24th March: The Machine may have a less than original title, but its tale of Artificial Intelligence ironically has a more organic story to tell...

Thumbnail from Reviewed: The Walking Dead - 'The Grove' article

Reviews / Television

Reviewed: The Walking Dead - 'The Grove'

22nd March: It was neither a series premiere nor a finale, but Ashley Lockwood says The Walking Dead's 'The Grove' proved exceptional television...

Thumbnail from Reviewed: The Winter Soldier... article

Reviews / Film

Reviewed: The Winter Soldier...

20th March: WWII is a distant memory but there's still a very Cold War raging as Captain America takes on corruption, opportunism and sequelism in 'The Winter Soldier'... 

Thumbnail from Reviewed: Sands of Time (WHO)... article

Reviews / Book

Reviewed: Sands of Time (WHO)...

19th March: We continue to look at the re-issued Doctor Who books of the 'Monster Collection' brand. Steve Bray scrutinises the 'Sands of Time' by Justin Richards...

Thumbnail from Reviewed: The One-Hundred article

Reviews / Television

Reviewed: The One-Hundred

19th March: The CW's new series The 100 launches this week - here's another chance to read our review of the unlikely 'Lord of the SyFyies' themed pilot ...

Thumbnail from Reviewed: Escape Plan (DVD)... article

Reviews / DVD

Reviewed: Escape Plan (DVD)...

16th March: It's a team-up several decades in the making. But does 'Escape Plan', out now on DVD, provide all the action needed for the cell-mates to triumph? 

Thumbnail from Reviewed: Bad Country (DVD) article

Reviews / DVD

Reviewed: Bad Country (DVD)

15th March: A strong cast and a 'based on real events' remit give 'Bad Country' a decent start, but does the film fully deliver on its promise of its gritty gumbo ingredients?

Thumbnail from Reviewed: I am Soldier (DVD) article

Reviews / DVD

Reviewed: I am Soldier (DVD)

13th March: Films involving the military are hardly a rarity, but 'I am Soldier' sets out to track what it takes to be a member of the SAS...

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