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The Great Detective gets first teaser trailer…

Great Detective

He’s been described as the Chinese equivalent of Holmes and now the character is heading to screens in ‘The Great Detective‘…

The husband and wife film-making team of director Roy Chow Hin-hyeung and scriptwriter / producer Christine To Chi-long are in post-production on their latest project, a Chinese Sherlock Holmes styled adventure entitled The Great Detective, unveiling the first teaser for the film as seen below.

The movie is a stylised fantasy detective thriller adapted from Cheng Xiaoqing’s Hua Sang Detective Stories, with the central character often being referred to as the greatest figure in ‘Chinese Detective literature’, and being regarded as the Chinese equivalent of Sherlock Holmes, Poirot and Columbo.

The Great DetectiveTo’s credits as a scriptwriter include the classic Jiang Hu with and Jacky Cheung, Fearless, Jay Chou’s Secret and True Legend. She also wrote and produced Murderer, Nightfall and Rise of the Legend directed by Chow

The Great Detective is produced through their Oneness Film Productions Ltd. The film stars Hang Geng, Zheng Yin, Zhang Hui-wen, Kar-ying, and Gordon Lam and was shot on location in Prague and Shanghai, last year, – with veteran protege Tony Ling Chi-wah (Fearless, True Legend) handling the film’s action and stunt choreography.

The first poster for the film hints at something very special with Han Geng as the blindfolded title character and four sentences in Chinese which describe his meticulous if somewhat eccentric style.

High IQ is his burden!  – Meticulous investigation is his bottom line – Anger is his sense of humour – Cleanliness is his basic requirement!”

We’ll be talking to both Chow and To about this project and what’s to come from their production company in the not too distant future.


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