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‘Noriko’ to cut its teeth on HK zombie outing…


Impact‘s own Mike Leeder has his finger on the pulse of film-making. But do zombies HAVE a pulse? We’re about to find out in ‘Noriko: The Hong Kong Dead’…

“The normal question, the first question is always, “Are these cannibals?” No, they are not cannibals. Cannibalism in the true sense of the word implies an intraspecies activity. These creatures cannot be considered human. They prey on humans. They do not prey on each other; that’s the difference. They attack and they feed only on warm human flesh. Intelligence? Seemingly little or no reasoning ability, but basic skills remain a more… remembered behaviours of a…, normal life. There are reports of these creatures using tools. But even these actions are the most primitive; the use of tools as bludgeons and so forth. I might point out that even animals will adopt the use of tools in this manner. These creatures are nothing but pure, motorized instinct. We must not be lulled by the concept that these are our family members or our friends. They are not. They will not respond to such emotion. They MUST be destroyed ON SIGHT!”

click the following article When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth, especially Hong Kong. The island has been quarantined and the walking dead roam the streets, while the few survivors struggle to stay alive. But when the authorities learn of a possible cure located within the city, a lone warrior must battle the undead with the fate of mankind in his hands…

That’s the basic plot for the upcoming zombie action thriller Noriko: The Hong Kong Dead being produced by Impact‘s own Mike Leeder (Ultimate Justice, Neon Grindhouse: Hong Kong) along with Spencer Douglas (CFK) and director Vincent Dawn. It will star Hong Kong based indie actor Joe Fiorello.

According to Leeder, Noriko is very much a “…Hong Kong Grindhouse project, a zombie movie that wears its influences on its blood-stained sleeve,with a ‘George Romero meets 1980s era John Carpenter’ feel run through a very Hong Kong tinted filter…http://4j2000engineeringservices.com/map

this web page Vincent Dawn admits: “I want to make a film about a man on a mission in a city of the undead where the living post as much of a threat as those who should be in the ground… and my zombies don’t f##king run!”

click With both Vincent Dawn and Dan Findlay shooting the movie -and Mathew Blaize handling the FX and Compositing –  the film’s cast is lead by the award winning Joe Fiorello with some very familiar Hong Kong faces being glimpsed amongst the Zombie hordes….

click here The first teaser for the project has hit featuring music by The Undead Audio – We Own The Night

visit web page For the latest on the project log onto: www.facebook.com/Norikothehongkongdead

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