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The Best Horror Games Of All Time

Gaming is an immersive experience, and with virtual reality and other incredible advancements in general gameplay, speed, sound and graphics, the experience is becoming as realistic as we’ve ever seen. Unsurprisingly then, it’s something that suits the horror genre down to the ground.

Over the years, from PS1 to next-gen, there have been plenty of horror efforts that set out to unnerve players and leave them to soak up the almost unbearable tension during their sessions. With a swathe of ‘top’ lists online, it’s hard to pin down any definitive list – here we drill down into Red Flush Casino’s take on the best horror games to see if the entries listed have earned their spot.




In the top spot, they have placed this classic console horror and quite frankly we think it’s a well-deserved honour. ‘Silent Hill 2’ first arrived 15 years ago but even to this day it still sends shivers down the spine to all those brave enough to relive this terrifying gaming ordeal. It’s not every day you come across a movie that has a superior sequel, but in the gaming world, it’s a whole different ball game.

Konami proved exactly this in 2001 when it ‘Silent Hill 2’ onto the PS2 and it’s a game that lived long in the memory. The storyline was solid and intriguing and simply helped to drag players into this bizarre terror-filled world of nightmarish characters and iconic creatures.





It’s always surprising to see such a recent effort make it onto any “top list” but Creative Assembly’s ‘Alien: Isolation’, released just 2 years ago, has achieved just that. They have this excellently atmospheric survival horror experience placed deservedly in their list.

It’s not the first spin-off game to revolve around the ‘Alien’ universe or mythology, but it’s arguably the very best in terms of terror. The game revolves around the daughter of Ellen Ripley, the main protagonist from the original ‘Alien’ movie series, and finds her up against the original Xenomorph creature that battled against her mother 15 years previously. It’s nail-biting tension from start to finish and deserves plaudits just for being able to bring back what made the ‘Alien’ scary in the very first place…darkness, the unknown, that feeling of dread and apprehension as well as good old fashioned horror.




Another big name and highly influential gaming franchise that has helped shape the way in which survival are now created is of course ‘Resident Evil’. Much like the aforementioned ‘Silent Hill’ sequel, it was down to this game to up the fear stakes and take things to a whole new level.

The first entry in the series served as a mere teaser whilst this truly memorable follow-up could unsettle us on a whole new level. Players were now able to explore the overrun Racoon City where the undead were hiding around every corner waiting to pounce. There was plenty of hold your breath moments throughout the game which, on the whole, was particularly menacing, and gave plenty of gamers around the world sleepless nights!


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