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Red Dawn Remake Rises in November…

Red Dawn is rising once more. After shaking off financial problems at MGM and making lots of CGI tweaks, America gets invaded again!

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Those of you with long memories will remember the 1984 film Red Dawn. It told the story of a group of teenagers who were forced to flee to the hills around their town when it was invaded by the pesky Russian army. Yes, at the height of the Cold War, Hollywood gave audiences an insight into pro-active resistance and political activism by blending films like The Breakfast Club and Rambo in a film that was solely of its time, later acheiving an enduring curiosity value rather than genuine all-out love amongst action fans.

And yet, here comes the less-than-inevitable remake. It has been sat on the shelf for several years. As far back as 2008, MGM were talking of a re-imagined film, influenced by the attitudes of the post 9/11 era. The film was ultimately made and due to be  distributed in 2010, but was never released, argely due to the financial problems at MGM which also plagued the 007 franchise. But the movie is finally hitting screens this October. The original starred Charlie Sheen, Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, C Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson and Powers Boothe and following the pattern, the new team of outlaw 'Wolverines' compromise of a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth, Adrianne Palicki (Lone Star/Wonder Woman), Josh Hutcherson, Connor Cruise (son of Tom) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen).

The survivors take on the forces led by Will Yun Lee. His character, Captain Lo, represents an invading force of North Korean soldiers who have launched a EMP-style attack on America, rending many of its forces grounded.  One of the other reasons for the film's delay appears to be the controversy of the original invading army being from China. This led to much gnashing of teeth in China – rapidly becoming a global partner for a number of cinematic projects- and so at much expense and time, all the invaders' flags in the film were digitally altered to reflect the Korean colours. 

A look at the trailer suggests the remake retains much of the plot and gung-ho attitude of the original. We'll find out if it's a film for the post 9/11 generation or an ill-advised nostalgia-kick in a couple of months time… Team America, anyone?