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Dredd Judged Fit for SDCC Preview

7th July 2012

Fans of Judge Dredd will get to judge the full movie at a special San Diego Comic Con screening

Those lucky enough to be heading to the San Diego Comic Con may get more than they expected. On Wednesday night - what is generally considered 'preview' night before the main event, Lionsgate will not only be promoting Dredd, but also showign the full, complete film. Outside of  the Cannes Film Festival this will be the first screening, the very first time that the public/fans will be able to pass their own judgement on the cinematic version of 2000AD's future law enforcer. The film's star Karl Urban will attend to introduce the special preview.

There has been some comments that elements in the Dredd trailer seemed borrowed from The Raid, though Gareth Evans himself has pointed out that Dredd was already starting production when they were finishing The Raid and so any similarity will be co-incidental.  Ironically, Sylvester Stallone, star of the first attempt to bring Dredd to the big screen, is also likely to be attending the convention, but he'll strictly be promoting The Expendables sequel...

Dredd will be formally hitting cinema screens in September...

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