Fareed Athman reviews Dead Space 2.

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Dead Space 2 CoverFormat: PlayStation 3
Released By: EA Games
Availability: Out Now
RRP: £49.99

Dead Space was a groundbreaking game in many respects, taking third person survival-horror to space in what could quite possibly be considered one of the most terrifying gaming experiences to date.

Dead Space 2 continues the story of Isaac Clarke and the deadly cult of Unitology, a religion which believes in a greater purpose for mankind. Those of higher rankings in the religion know however, that this ‘higher purpose’ isn’t as holy as it seems. After unearthing a religious relic known as ‘the marker’ on a distant planet, undead, mutated creatures intent on murdering anything in sight (known as necromorphs) attacked the mining ship USG Ishimura, an event from which Isaac was the sole survivor.

In this latest instalment, Isaac wakes up from being cryogenically frozen on ‘the sprawl’, an expansive space city that has somehow fallen victim to the necromorph plague. No rest for the wicked…

To a mixed response, Isaac has transformed from the faceless, grunting power-house of Dead Space to a human being complete with personality and voice, and to be totally honest it’s hard to decide whether this is a positive or negative thing. But it’s safe to say fans of the franchise are just glad that he’s back, in whatever shape or form.

Controls this time around are more or less the same, and any minor changes are most definitely improvements. Gameplay perhaps even tops the first game on the scare-levels, with Isaac’s space-dementia providing frequent horrific hallucinations that will have you let out girly whimpers far more often than you’d like to admit.

Anti-gravity sequences are hugely improved, as Isaac can now float freely using boosters on his suit as opposed to having to make calculated jumps. Additional game elements include computer hacking and differing suit types. Most exciting of all is a new online mode, in which players can decide between humans or necromorphs and tear each other limb from limb in skirmishes.

A truly horrifying videogame with an incredibly immersive storyline, as the marketing campaign for Dead Space 2 suggests, your Mum will hate it. You on the other hand? You’ll love it. Unless you’re a Mum yourself that is…

Fareed Athman