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Classic Kickboxing Ninjas head to Germany!

Super Ninja

Germany’s AVV DVD label is set to release some classic-era ninja titles among its upcoming slate…

There’s a lot more to Hong Kong and Taiwanese cinema than the works of John Woo, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. (That’s one of the things the upcoming Neon Grindhouse documentary I am producing will be exploring, some of the lesser known genres…)

Now, thanks to Germany’s AVV DVD label, some of these lesser known movies are being given a new DVD release with the best possible presentation and a wealth of bonus features that make these an essential pick up.

Their initial releases include the Taiwanese Ninja classic The Super Ninja (produced by the late great Thomas Tang and starring Alexander Lou Rei). This release comes with various versions of the movie, including English and German audio, various trailers and a rarely seen interview with Thomas Tang… Ninja Condors, (another Alexander Lou adventure)… Ninja Warriors 2 aka The Golden Ninja Warrior – a follow up to Godfrey Ho’s classic Ninja Terminator, it stars Richard Harrison and comes with various trailers and alternate intros, English and German audio and an interview with Godfrey Ho are included… American Eagle, an IFD crime thriller (that comes with a bonus film American Force 4: Soldier Terminators)… Der Todesdiament (also known as Battle for the Treasure another Fimark crime thriller with Jet Packs!) and it comes with a bonus film Eyes of the Condor.

IFD classic Kickboxer King stars Bruce Fontaine and Kenn Goodman from Operation Condor and Outlaw Brothers, remaking Rocky 3 with kickboxing while Joseph Lai splices in some insane action from the late great Thai martial arts legend Panna Rittikrai. This release includes a 50 minute discussion on the entire IFD kickboxing genre, Kickboxer King and Panna from experts Ed Glazer (Ninja The Mission Force) and Kenneth Brorssen (So Good Reviews, Podcast on Fire).

We’ll be reviewing the releases individually and for puchasing info direct your browser to; http://www.avv-dvd.com/

For a taste of things to come:

Super Ninja Trailer: 

and the Kickboxer King trailer…


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