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April 2011

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Impact Magazine April 2011 Coverfx and the city

The aliens are here and they’ve come for Hollywood! The City of Angels is the frontline for the latest ‘invasion’ movie, Battle: Los Angeles. Can Santa Monica survive?

godz’ and monsters

We kick off a special series of Impact reports on the future of action entertainment with an exclusive conversation with Gareth Edwards, the man behind the block-busting, but not bank-busting Monsters... and hear about his plans for Godzilla!

all the rite moves

From CTU to CPU, Kiefer Sutherland swaps Jack Bauer’s hit show to playing a hitman in The Confession, a ground-breaking internet series. Creator Brad Mirman tells Impact how it came to a computer near you!

in his element

The Danger Element marries steam-punk design and martial-arts action... John Soares takes us behind the web-action adventure series.

wired in the blood

It’s time to catch up with our old friend Bob Chapin as he brings us up to date on The Hunted and how it blazed a trail for the new internet initiatives and an international network of new action film-makers...

internet action

Mike Leeder claims there’s more to the internet than opinionated blogs, social networks and porn. We told him to prove it!

asian extreme

Calum Waddell goes behind the scenes on the controversial Bedevilled, reviewed last month, and talks to the film’s director Jang Cheol-so about its journey to the screen.

award season

You didn’t have to be a King to make a Speech over the last few weeks. Impact looks back at the action/thriller winners in the recent batch of cinematic ceremonies.

the chicago code

It’s been a tough season for even the best US shows - and a terrible time to launch a new series. However, John Mosby argues, the police procedural The Chicago Code balances all its elements rather well...


We’re very glad that our Tokyo Correspondent Andrez Bergen escaped the recent Tsunami unscathed! This month Andrez looks into the artistic work of renowned veteran DJ/producer Alan Oldham in Detroit - and how his iconic visual images and comic books all relate back to Japan. Plus: a multi-disc homage collection from Australia’s Madman Entertainment that focuses its sights on Yasujiro Ozu - one of the greatest men of Japanese cinema.

eureka seven

Neal Molyneaux looks at Eureka Seven, as anime goes sci-fi in the film based on the classic anime series.

the films of the panther

Cool for cats! Mike Leeder casts a retrospective eye at the Ozploitation cinema classics Day of the Panther and Strike of the Panther...

the lost bladesman

Donnie Yen returns to historic action territory with his latest outing The Lost Bladesman. Impact takes a first look at the project...

continental drift

It’s been a number of years since Clint Eastwood brought the last Michael Connelly novel adaptation to the screen in Blood Work. Fans of the best-selling novels hope that The Lincoln Lawyer might be a better vehicle...

tomorrow people...

Tomorrow, When the War Began might sound like a cross between Neighbours and Red Dawn but Impact finds it could definitely find its audience with a wider international release...

[far from fragile] breaking into comics

Following the theme of this issue, comics-veteran and regular Impact columnist Beau Smith looks at how to encourage the next wave of talent in the comics-industry.


A round-up of the latest books, DVDs and games that should be on your shopping list.

next month

Bean there, doing that... we take a look at the much-anticipated Game of Thrones and try to avoid death at the hands of 13 Assassins...

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Sharing Is Caring

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