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September 2011

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Impact Magazine September 2011 Issue Cover FEATURES

first frontier

James Bond! Indiana Jones! Thirteen? As Cowboys & Aliens invades cinema screens and multiplexes, Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde discuss their attitudes to laying down the law...

wu xia

After breaking records in China, Mike Leeder gives the first UK review of the upcoming epic Wu Xia, starring Donnie Yen...

macleods & silver linings

As Highlander celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary, John Mosby talks to Christophe Lambert and Beatie Edney about the franchise that refuses to die...


Impact looks at the big movie, tv (and, yes, comic!) news that came out of this year’s ever-massive San Diego Comic Con.

sisters of no mercy

As Colombiana hits cinemas, Impact looks at not just the latest Besson-penned actioner, but his long tradition of putting women centre-stage...


Braiiiiiiins or Bikiiiiiiinis? Mike Leeder gives us a preview of how the circulatory-challenged will be taking a humorous bite out of Eastern cinema...

crazy like a fox

Vivica A Fox made her name in Independence Day and Kill Bill. Fresh from her appearance at the London Film and Comic Con, she discusses her career to date...

yellow fever

As he prepares to join them for their third Annual Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival, Mike Leeder finds what the DVD label has been up to in the last twelve months...

assassination games

Impact’s original cover star Jean-Claude Van Damme continues his return to form with the upcoming release of the slick thriller Assassination Games.

dos and don’ts

Put me in the movies! Mike Leeder isn’t just Impact’s man in the East, he’s also involved in helping cast major movies. After years of getting the wrong approach from over-hopefuls, he’s finally put together a guide of the things to which potential newcomers should avoid or adhere...

the buck starts here

John Mosby meets another LFCC guest, Gil Gerard - TV’s iconic Buck Rogers - to discuss how tv action has changed since the 1980s.



Impact brings you the latest news from film releases to castings...

[asian extreme] tsui hark & suicide club

Calum Waddell talks to legendary film-maker Tsui Hark and gets to grips with the classic horror outing: Suicide Club.

[japanime] tokyo tv

Andrez Bergen looks at two of the most popular anime outings on Japanese television - and how they contimue to re-invent themselves...

[anime attack] high school of the dead

You’re all dying for detention! Neal Molyneaux and Anime Attack get re-educated by attending the High School of the Dead.

[far from fragile] green lantern comics

This month, industry veteran Beau Smith looks at his own history with the Green Lantern comics and guides us through its production history...


A round-up of the latest books, DVDs, games and more...

next month

Next month we talk movie-marketing with Jon Favreau, Fright Night with David Tennant and look at a shelf of classic projects hitting Blu-ray...

Sharing Is Caring

Sharing Is Caring

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