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October 2011

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Impact Magazine October 2011 Issue CoverFEATURES

a remake to die for

We kick off our overview of the ‘re-make’ trend with a look at the past and upcoming versions of The Killer Elite. Can Statham match it. Yes, he (James) Caan!

the necks generation

Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin and David Tennant draw their battle-lines in this bloody action re-imagining of the cult hit Fright Night!

cowboys and... idioms

Cowboys and Aliens’ John Favreau and Robert Orci discuss the best way to launch your summer blockbuster...

kickin’ off, big time

Impact braves the streets of London to give you a glimpse at the shooting of upcoming sports thriller Payback Season.

burning ambition

The upcoming release of the star studded Lady Generals of the Yang Family, marks the return to the big screen of actor / composer / producer / director Frankie Chan who has spent the last decade or so focusing on TV series’ in mainland China. We take a look back at Chan’s classic gangster thriller Burning Ambition.

let’s talk about sex and zen

...and Christopher Sun is the man talking - about the sequel to the controversial film that was all about getting your martial arts kicks.

dos and don’ts part 2

Mike Leeder isn’t just Impact’s man in the East, he’s also involved in helping cast major movies. In Part Two of his look at the best way to launch an action career, he tells hopefuls how to be best prepared to present themselves...

the good sheppards

W Morgan Sheppard and son Mark Sheppard have appeared in almost every action project going - sometimes as the very same character! John Mosby caught up with them at the London Film and Comic Con.

once were warriors

In the wake of the recent Conan remake, John Bierly looks back on the recent release of the Schwarzenegger movies on blu-ray, evaluating the movies themselves and the technical problems that fans have faced.



Impact brings you the latest news from film releases to castings...


Andrez Bergen looks at the aftermath of recent natural disasters around Japan and reflects on how it will change the outlook on entertainment...

anime attack

Impact meets Sawaki Takeyasu - the design genius behind this year’s most original anime inspired game, El Shaddai - Ascension of the Metatron.

asian extreme

It was the film that brought a new wave of Eastern output to hungry western audiences Calum Waddell looks at the legacy of the original A Better Tomorrow and the latest remake.

far from fragile

This month, industry veteran Beau Smith examines the fact that while some of the mainstay comic-book heroes remain popular, they may have lost their ‘likeability’ factor...


A round-up of the latest books, DVDs & games and more...

next month

Next month we look at Hugh Jackman’s Real Steel (family-friendly Transformers?) and examine the pilot episodes of action’s new TV season...

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Sharing Is Caring

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